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Jerramungup Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the page that highlights the best of Business and Community in and around the region of Jerramungup in Western Australia, Australia.

This region is known for its beautiful natural scenery, protected wildlife, and rich agricultural and fishing industries. Here is a glimpse of some of the best that this region has to offer:


1. Jerramungup Agricultural Supplies: This locally-owned and operated business stocks a variety of farming equipment, chemicals, and fertilizers.

2. Southern Seafoods: This company specializes in the sustainable harvesting and processing of fresh seafood such as King George Whiting, snapper, and squid.

3. Great Southern Truffles: This business produces and supplies truffle products such as truffle oil, truffle butter, and fresh truffles to fine dining establishments across Australia.


1. Fitzgerald Biosphere Group: This community group works to conserve biodiversity and encourage sustainable land management practices in the Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve.

2. Jerramungup District High School: This school serves the educational needs of the community's children with a focus on fostering creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.

3. Jerramungup Volunteer Fire and Rescue: This team of volunteers works tirelessly to ensure the safety of the community by responding to fire and rescue emergencies.

Jerramungup is a region with a strong sense of community and a thriving business landscape. From sustainable seafood to locally grown truffles, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful part of Western Australia.

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